Week 1

Dober dan,

This is my first blog about my first week in Slovenia. It has been a week what can be described in a few words as new, different, a lot of information, but the most of all: GREAT! The first few days I didn’t know anything at all. But everyone wanted to help me and translates for me, which is really necessary because ooh my the Slovenian language is so difficult. I am proud to say that I have learned 4 words now:
Na sdravje, dober dan, dober tek, Hvala. So I think that is a good start. And I already tried struklji, it is really good food you have in Slovenia!

But maybe I should also tell you a bit more about myself. My name is Imana van Disseldorp, I’m from the Netherlands and I am 23 years old. Till the 25th June I live in Zagorje and I am an English intern at Tone Okrogar Primary School. I will teach English in several classes and do a research on teaching English. During my time here, I hope to learn more about Slovenia, about your habits, about the school system On the first few days at school at school I gave a presentation about myself and the Netherlands. So I lot of children can tell some things about me I hope. And if you don’t know me yet, or want to know some more about me, where I’m from other what so ever, you can always ask me.

Right now I am all settled in my apartment, where I live with two Spanish girls. And I know the most important things about the school now. And it is fun to see what the similarities and differences are from the Dutch school system. For example your slipper rule (we wear our outside shoes inside school), your eating habits (we eat bread/ sandwiches for breakfast and lunch and your lunch meal is our dinner meal) and that the pupils in the higher groups change classes. We only have that in high school. Things that are similar to the Dutch school system are e.g. the classroom with learning things on the wall and the whiteboards.

If you ever see my at school or around the school, please do not hesitate to talk to me. I am always up for some talking to learn as much as possible.