How it can take 4 hours to get to Ljubljana…..

Time really flies when you feel like you need more then 24hours in one day. Every day goes by so fast and yesterday I was a bit shocked when I saw that next week is already my 4th week! But I think, no I am sure that this is a good thing. I see so much, hear a lot and learn even more. But the Slovenian language, well that is a challenge.

In the past two weeks a lot of thing

s happened. I went to the coalmine in Velenje with the 7th grade. It was really interesting to see how they worked (and still work) there. At first I wasn’t really happy because of my fear of being under the ground and the fact that the elevator was 128 years old also didn’t help much. But besides that it was great!
Another field trip brought me to The Bogensperk castle and to Muljava. I really liked to castle, it is a beautiful place so walk around in. And of course listen to the history that took place there.

On 5th April I saw a Dutch face at the school. My drama teacher came to visit me and the school. We had drama lessons with the 5th, 6th and 7th grade. And I hope the students had as much fun as we did. It was great to see how everyone opens up when you do drama activities and to see that everybody smiles 🙂

And about the title of this story…. well I am capable of making a journey from Zagorje to Ljubljana take 4 hours haha. It is something my family and friends are not surprised about seen the fact that I am not really good (read terrible) with finding my way in places/ countries I don’t know. So I left at 9.30 at home and I saw the train station in Ljubljana at 13.30. But besides that it was a lovely day and I want to go back for sure.
I actually go back on Monday 10th April. Because I will follow some lessons at the University of Ljubljana at the faculty of education. Let’s see if the university in Slovenia looks very different from the one in The Netherlands.

As you can see, I have a lot of opportunities and I will take and enjoy every one of them.
And for everyone who reads this, comments are always nice 🙂