Good morning everyone,
Tomorrow, 03.05.2017, I am officially halfway my internship time here in Slovenia. And they say that the second half abroad goes even faster than the first part. But that’s not something I want because I love my time here.

The past few days were free days in which I did some work for my Dutch school but also had a lot of fun.
I went to the bonfire. It looked great and the music was really nice although I didn’t understand the language. Good for me that there were also some English songs.

Yesterday, 02.05.2017, I went to Kocevje. That was a big trip because first I take the train to Ljubljana and then a 2.5 hour bus drive to Kocevje. When I arrived the family of my friend waited for me at the bus station. They brought me to their lovely home and I got a tour around the neighborhood. I could see Croatia from their backyard, which is kind of cool I think. After that we jumped in the car and drove to the highlights of the area. They told me the stories about giants who lives on the hills and about the fences that the government put up there for the refugees. Even though they have never seen one..
In the afternoon we went to a friends house and we got a really good lunch with of course, a lot of food and drinks. And they even played Slovenian music so I really had the feeling that I got a Slovene experience. The day past really quickly and before I knew it I had to go back to catch the bus. And then of course 2.5 hours back. But it was worth it!

Oh yes, and before I forget. When you look at the pictures you will also see some of the school garden. On a Saturday morning I helped to make it look as beautiful as you will see when you scroll down! The sore muscles are worth it haha.
And last week I went to Ljubljana to see a Dutch group of students who were visiting Slovenia because of an exchange with the university, faculty of education. So I finally saw the nice castle up the hill.


Every day goes by so fast. It does not matter if it is a school day or a free day. I can not imagine, (and I don’t want to imagine) that when the summer holiday starts I have to go back to the Netherlands. But for now I don’t think about that and continue with expanding my Slovene moments here and experience as much as possible!


Thank you!