Last weekend it was the first English Weekend out of two. And I had so much fun! We played games, saw the sea, eat ice cream more than once, didn’t sleep enough, swum in the pool, walked, ate to many snacks, laughed a lot and much more.

On Friday we arrived and we got the house rules for the weekend. Nothing special just the normal rules to make sure everybody has fun and knows what to expect.
The students had time to unpack there suitcases (I think some of them wanted to stay a week or even a month…) and after that we had our first meeting. We talked about the weekend, what to do, what to expect, etc.
In the afternoon it was time to check the swimming pool. The next day I had sore muscles from throwing the ball haha. And the students choose their workshops for Saturday.
In the evening we walk to the sea to watch the sunset. It was beautiful and felt like a holiday for me. We also played games outside, the weather was still good and warm.
Yes of course it’s exciting to sleep with 8/9 people in the same room. It took a while for everyone to fall asleep. But I was the same when I was as old as the students.

On Saturday we started the day with a morning walk, seen the fact that the students were awake at 6am. WHHHYYYYY???????? But okay the morning walk was nice and it made sure that we were hungry for breakfast at 8am. When everybody was ready we started with the workshops. I think we all had a lot of fun and learned something at the same time. Can’t get any better does it?
In the afternoon we played games inside because it was storming. But that didn’t bother us because together we had fun. Luckily after diner the weather was good enough to get some fresh air and eventually everybody was tired enough so in the bungalows it was more quite.

The last day was sunny and funny! We went to Portoroz, had ice cream (teachers ice coffee, OMG I want more of that), played in the sand, enjoyed the sun and the view and finally the students had WIFI for the first time in 3 days. So probably only the teachers saw the view. On our way back we saw cool cars (I believe the boys in this), ate pizza, bought souvenirs, and took lots of pictures.

To finish the weekend we had our last lunch, everybody got their deserved certificate and the funniest moment award + the tidiest room award were handed over.
Now, the moment was there, the weekend ended as soon as it started. For the teachers there is one plus, we can do it again.

In this blog, no pictures. But don’t worry people, I will make an after movie for everybody who joined us during the weekend and for everyone else to see how cool it was!