English weekend

Two times i had the opportunity to go on an English Weekend with a group of motivated students who wanted to work on their English. And i can say that besides fun, i had ice coffee, ice cream, i swam in the sea, i didn’t sleep enough, i went to Portoroz and so much more. The conclusion is that i wouldn’t mind going again.

We had four different workshops so the students could choose how they would like to work on their English. And outside the the workshops we also spoke English. So a whole weekend in which i understood most of the things that people were saying! We ate together, learned together and played together. Especially dodge ball was very popular.

The nights was for the students very interesting of course. Sleeping with your friends in one room, with a lot of snacks and each other what more do you need.
During the second English Weekend the weather was even better than the first time and the temperature of the sea was perfect! Or at least according to the students, i think it was still cold hihi.


A big thank you to all the students and teachers who helped making this English Weekend so successful!